I am an Electrical Engineering and Computational Mathematical Sciences major in Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, with a focus in signals and computer engineering. I am in the 4+1 program for Computer Engineering with an emphasis in Multimedia Signal Processing.

I want to further human computer interaction through advancements in Computational Linguistics. I want to use my background in signal processing and machine learning to create software that can naturally relate to humans, bridge cultural and linguistic barriers, and create a better future.


My coursework choices have been selected to prepare me for this career, focusing on signal theory, signal processing, numerical methods, and AI, including EEE404 Real Time Digital Signal Processing, CSE310 Algorithms and Data Structures, MAT442 Advanced Linear Algebra, EEE508 Digital Image and Video Processing and Compression, and MAT421 Applied Computational Methods to name a few.

In the Spring 2018 semester I will be taking EEE554 Random Signal Theory and EEE598 Deep Learning for Media Processing and Understanding, among other required electives.


Currently I work in The Luminosity Lab, the Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing, and the NSF Center for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems at ASU.

Previously, I have worked for a summer at General Dynamics Mission Systems running software level testing for the HOOK3 combat survival radio, in the Social Robotics Lab at the National University of Singapore, developing an emotive dialogue management system, and in the ASU Engineering Tutoring Center.


You can find me on LinkedIn or contact me via email, or follow @m2saxon.