Michael Saxon

Amusingly low Bacon Number due to coincidental childhood YouTube appearance

Childhood me (2005) briefly appears in the YouTuber Jaiden Animations's video My Time at "Camp Operetta" (2019) wearing a rhino mask.

Having appeared onscreen alongside her in a public video, I have amusingly low Bacon numbers (degrees of separation via onscreen appearances) to a lot of random people. For example, this means I have a Tom Scott and Will Smith number of 2, or a Linkin Park (well, Chester Bennington (RIP) and Mike Shinoda) number of 3 (step 1, step 2). And through Will Smith my own Kevin Bacon number is 4.

Language Learning

At the moment, immersion-based language learning is my main hobby. I like to read and watch TV and movies in Spanish and Japanese. Time-permitting, I also mine sentence cards from immersion content. I'm currently actively studying Mandarin to reach a basic level of media comprehension. Several other languages are on my dream list.

Reading Now

The Best and the Brightest — David Halberstam
Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Cestus Deception — Steven Barnes

Dune (en español) — Frank Herbert trad. Domingo Santos

恋は雨上がりのように — 眉月じゅん
Star Wars: ロスト・スターズ (Star Wars: Lost Stars manga ver) — Claudia Gray & 小宮山優作


Here's a couple I like and either still keep up with or completed:
Diaries of Social Data Research
The View from Somewhere: Movement Journalism
Wind of Change (never thought being a Scorpions fan 3 decades late when I was in high-school would pay off)
5-4 Pod
My Year in Mensa
Trash Taste


I've heard this is very rare and unique in the STEM field; please try to hide your surprise. I like to play the piano.