Michael Saxon

Ph.D. Student, ECE+NLP
UC Santa Barbara

Google Scholar

I am an ECE PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the NLP Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

In 2020 I completed my MS in Computer Engineering at Arizona State University, with research activities centered around speech processing, natural language processing, and deep learning methods for low-resourced populations with neurological disorders, and affective computing.

I am excited about language technologies and the benefits they may bring to society. In particular, I am interested in goal-based natural language generation, and assessing the “quality” of datasets. I want to improve our theoretical understanding of how aspects of dataset distribution and model assumptions drive generalization performance, and produce tools that can analyze data for unseen correlations, hidden confounders, and the like using empirical methods. I am most interested in applying these techniques to the learning of generalized natural language representations with an eye for their use in generating coherent, goal-oriented text. Long term my aim is to work in the space of maximizing societal benefits and minimizing societal harms of natural language understanding.

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