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New! Who Evaluates the Evaluations? Objectively Scoring Text-to-Image Prompt Coherence Metrics with T2IScoreScore (TS2)
Michael Saxon*, Fatima Jahara*, Mahsa Khoshnoodi*, Yujie Lu, Aditya Sharma, William Yang Wang
[Interactive demo!] arxiv:2404.04251 [pdf]

New! Lost in Translation? Translation Errors and Challenges for Fair Assessment of Text-to-Image Models on Multilingual Concepts
Michael Saxon*, Yiran Luo*, Sharon Levy, Chitta Baral, Yezhou Yang, William Yang Wang
NAACL 2024
arxiv:2403.11092 [pdf]

New! Automatically Correcting Large Language Models: Surveying the landscape of diverse self-correction strategies
Liangming Pan, Michael Saxon, Wenda Xu, Deepak Nathani, Xinyi Wang, William Yang Wang
Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics (TACL) 2024
arxiv:2308.03188 [pdf]


Let's Think Frame by Frame with VIP: A Video Infilling and Prediction Dataset for Evaluating Video Chain-of-Thought
Vaishnavi Himakunthala*, Andy Ouyang*, Daniel Rose*, Ryan He*, Alex Mei, Yujie Lu, Chinmay Sonar, Michael Saxon, William Yang Wang
EMNLP 2023
arXiv:2305.13903 [pdf]

Large Language Models Are Implicitly Topic Models: Explaining and Finding Good Demonstrations for In-Context Learning
Xinyi Wang, Wanrong Zhu, Michael Saxon, Mark Steyvers, William Yang Wang
NeurIPS 2023
arXiv:2301.11916 [pdf]

Multilingual Conceptual Coverage in Text-to-Image Models
Michael Saxon, William Yang Wang
ACL 2023
arxiv:2306.01735 [pdf] [demo]

CausalDialogue: Modeling Utterance-level Causality in Conversations
Yi-Lin Tuan, Alon Albalak, Wenda Xu, Michael Saxon, Connor Pryor, Lise Getoor, William Yang Wang
ACL 2023 Findings
arXiv:2212.10515 [pdf]

Visual Chain of Thought: Bridging Logical Gaps with Multimodal Infillings
Daniel Rose*, Vaishnavi Himakunthala*, Andy Ouyang*, Ryan He*, Alex Mei, Yujie Lu, Michael Saxon, Chinmay Sonar, Diba Mirza, William Yang Wang
arXiv:2305.02317 [pdf]

Users are the North Star for AI Transparency
Michael Saxon*, Alex Mei*, Shiyu Chang, Zachary C Lipton, William Yang Wang
arXiv:2303.05500 [pdf]

PECO: Examining Single Sentence Label Leakage in Natural Language Inference Datasets through Progressive Evaluation of Cluster Outliers
Michael Saxon, Xinyi Wang, Wenda Xu, William Yang Wang
EACL 2023
arXiv:2112.09237 [pdf]

WikiWhy: Answering and Explaining Cause-and-Effect Questions
Matthew Ho, Aditya Sharma, Justin Chang, Michael Saxon, Sharon Levy, Yujie Lu, William Yang Wang
ICLR 2023 Oral
arXiv:2210.12152 [pdf]

Causal Balancing for Domain Generalization
Xinyi Wang, Michael Saxon, Jiachen Li, Hongyang Zhang, Kun Zhang, William Yang Wang
ICLR 2023
arXiv:2206.05263 [pdf]


Not All Errors are Equal: Learning Text Generation Metrics using Stratified Error Synthesis
Wenda Xu, Yi-lin Tuan, Yujie Lu, Michael Saxon, Lei Li, William Yang Wang
EMNLP Findings 2022
arXiv:2210.05035 [pdf]

Self-Supervised Knowledge Assimilation for Expert-Layman Text Style Transfer
Wenda Xu, Michael Saxon, Misha Sra, William Yang Wang
AAAI 2022
arXiv:2110.02950 [pdf]


Counterfactual Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Training Deep Networks
Xinyi Wang, Wenhu Chen, Michael Saxon, William Yang Wang
NeurIPS 2021
arXiv:2106.03831 [pdf]

Modeling Disclosive Transparency in NLP Application Descriptions
Michael Saxon, Sharon Levy, Xinyi Wang, Alon Albalak, William Yang Wang
EMNLP 2021 Oral
arXiv:2101.00433 [pdf]

End-to-End Spoken Language Understanding for Generalized Voice Assistants
Michael Saxon, Samridhi Choudhary, Joseph P. McKenna, Athanasios Mouchtaris
Interspeech 2021
arXiv:2106.09009 [pdf]

Investigating Conspiracy Theories in Text Generation
Sharon Levy, Michael Saxon, William Yang Wang
ACL Findings 2021
arXiv:2101.00379 [pdf]


Robust Estimation of Hypernasality in Dysarthria with Acoustic Model Likelihood Features
Michael Saxon, Ayush Tripathi, Yishan Jiao, Julie Liss, Visar Berisha
IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing (2020)
[abs (IEEE)] arXiv:1911.11360 [pdf]

Semantic Complexity in End-to-End Spoken Language Understanding
Michael Saxon*, Joseph P. McKenna*, Samridhi Choudhary*, Grant Strimel, Athanasios Mouchtaris
Interspeech 2020
[abs (ISCA)] arXiv:2008.02858 [pdf]

UncommonVoice: A Crowdsourced Dataset of Dysphonic Speech
Meredith Moore, Piyush Papreja, Michael Saxon, Visar Berisha, Sethuraman Panchanathan
Interspeech 2020
[abs (ISCA)] [pdf]


Say what? A dataset for exploring the error patterns that two ASR engines make
Meredith Moore, Michael Saxon, Hemanth Venkateswara, Visar Berisha, Sethuraman Panchanathan
Interspeech 2019
[abs (ISCA)] [pdf]

Objective Measures of Plosive Nasalization in Hypernasal Speech
Michael Saxon, Julie Liss, Visar Berisha
[pdf (IEEE)] [pdf (ResearchGate)]


2D Grating Pitch Mapping of a through Silicon Via (TSV) and Solder Ball Interconnect Region Using Laser Diffraction
Todd Houghton, Michael Saxon, Zeming Song, Hoa Nguyen, Hanqing Jiang, Hongbin Yu
IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2016
Best Student Interactive Paper Award! [pdf]

Workshop Presentations


Data Augmentation for Diverse Voice Conversion in Noisy Environments
Avani Tanna Michael Saxon, Amr El Abaddi, William Yang Wang
Interspeech 2023 Show and Tell

Disparities in Text-to-Image Model Concept Possession Across Languages
Michael Saxon, William Yang Wang
FAccT 2023 Oral (Non-archival)
OpenReview:5H2m3tCEaQ [pdf] [demo]


Automated Cheating Feature Semantic Identification for NLI Datasets
Michael Saxon, Xinyi Wang, Wenda Xu, William Yang Wang
SoCal NLP 2022


Modeling Disclosive Transparency with GPT-2
Michael Saxon, Sharon Levy, Xinyi Wang, Alon Albalak, William Yang Wang
SoCal NLP 2021


A new model for objective estimation of hypernasality from dysarthric speech
Michael Saxon, Julie Liss, Visar Berisha
Workshop on Signal Analytics for Motor Speech (SAMS), Motor Speech Conference 2020


Word Pair Convolutional Model for Happy Moment Classification
Michael Saxon*, Samarth Bhandari*, Lewis Ruskin, Gabrielle Honda
Workshop on Affective Content Analysis, AAAI 2019
CL-Aff Shared Task Runner Up! [pdf]


Chat-Box: Proposing a Mood Analyzer for Individuals with Social Interaction Disabilities
Bineeta Gupta, Michael Saxon, Troy McDaniel, Sethuraman Panchanathan
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII) Student Abstracts, 2018



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